CRM - Customer Relationship Management


Campus monitors visitor entry and exit traffic from more than one gate in more than one building at the same time.
Conveniences that Campus provides;

  • The guest list for a planned is shown on gatekeepers’ screen, and/or quick entry with barcode invitations.
  • Warns gatekeepers about banned people.
  • Tracking of license plates and car keys of the visitor vehicles
  • Tracking of visitor cards
  • Visitor’s identification information is updated quickly and brought to gatekeeper’s screen, providing that the visitor’s identification information exists on the database.
  • Visitors photos are taken instantly with a webcam and saved to the database.
  • Visitor IDs are scanned instantly by means of the connected scanner and taken to the database.
By recording the visits;
  • Visitors in all buildings can be monitored centrally. Last status or any past moment can be checked so that people that were existant in the building during a criminal activity can be identified.
  • Visits can be viewed from account or contact cards.