• Inventory Management
    Inventory Management

    In the Solar System, existing inventory quantities, entries and dispatcments, order and production processes are tracked; thus critical, minimum and maximum levels of raw materials, products and commercial goods can be tracked. With these business processes that are necessary for inventory management, control of the costs and increase in enterprise profitability is aimed at.

  • Payroll and Accrual Management
    Payroll and Accrual Management

    Payrool and Accrued Management module is prepared by using legal and business-specific parameters.

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Güneş Sistemi

Güneş Sistemi

Solar System is a business management system designed to meet all steps of the business processes and developed regarding the new requirements of the new economy. Designed flexible to allow the organizations to specify their working principles according to their own needs and preferences, Solar System is featured as a guide for the enterprises willing to be successful in the new economy with its safe structure providing control on the information and with its display techniques enabling rapid and easy access to information.

Yeni Nesil

Yeni Nesil

New Generation System is a management system providing international solutions with its structure that can respond all processes required in business flows for SMEs.



Rapidly growing information technologies provide brand new opporttunities for contacts and accounts. The calculation rate and the data storage capacity are increasing, and reaching distant data is becoming easier. The use of peripheral devices bring about new application fields. Besides, the number of people that have good knowledge of general purpose applications like Excel and Access is increasing rapidly. Therefore, lots of limited purpose applications intended to meet a certain need of the account are developed.

Güneş Sistemi Yeni Nesil Campus