Meeting Notes
CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes keeps log of face-to-face and phone meetings, and any other type of meeting.

  • Information such as with whom the meeting was held, when and why it was held, its format, and if available, Windows documents can be added.
  • If a further meeting is going to be held, attendants and date are determined.
  • When the date of the meeting comes, related people can be notified. If the meetings are monitored by a manager, the manager is informed about the recent meetings.
  • The list and details of the meetings that have been held can be reached from the account and contact cards.
Providing that the sales representatives, the personnel that is serving the customers, the accountants, the personnel that work in production, and all other personnel manage their meetings and correspondences via Campus;
  • Replacing personnel often, absent personnel, or change of task no longer pose a problem.
  • In case of a personnel replacement, the replacement employee, who comes in place of the personnel who was in contact with the customer prior to himself, will find all transactions that have been done with that customer until that time at his elbow.
  • As all transactions done with the customer are kept as record, disagreements with the customers are kept to a minimum,; and maximum customer satisfaction is ensured.
To sum up, Campus suggests a whole new way of doing business for organizations. Thanks to Campus, all meetings will be recorded, correspondences will be prevented from piling up in dusty folders, and they will be ready for access any time. Furthermore, by eliminating the need to use paper and files, Campus will help create an environmentally friendly workplace.